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No Fire Zones

‘In response to the attempt to massacre the Tamil national community in Sri Lanka, one activist wrote the following poem’ No Fire Zones – “No” said the world While thousands cried, Begging for Mercy. – “No” said the world While infants blown And into pieces torn. – “No” said the world While the injured Died for … Continue reading

Issue 2 Of Nation Out Now!

  WE RECENTLY noted that a new issue of Nation – the Newsletter of Nations without States – was in the pipeline (1). Now the Organising Committee of NwS (Doris Jones, Jagdeesh Singh, Graham Williamson and Sockalingam Yogalingam) are happy to announce that issue 2 is now out. One striking feature of this issue of … Continue reading

Issue 2 Of Nation On Its Way

ALL SELF-DETERMINISTS will know that we’ve recently produced another issue of Freedom.  This is the ‘street paper’ of Nations without States (1).  As such, it’s designed to attract the attention of the general public – it’s loud, brash and written in a very popular and simplistic style. Those wanting to get their hands on a … Continue reading